You’re in for a 3-in-1 treat! Super Rare Games is beyond excited to be partnering up with Akupara Games to bring you a collection of three games on one cartridge. This is a one-of-a-kind collection that only exists in a physical format on Nintendo Switch.

This collection will be shipping with Relic Hunters Zero: Remix, the frantic 2D twin-stick looter shooter and roguelike, Whispering Willows, the stunning 2D horror puzzler, and Kardboard Kings, the shop management and card game hybrid!

A total of 3,000 copies will ever be printed which will go on sale on September 28th at 6pm BST (10am PDT/1pm EDT) - available worldwide exclusively at

As indie’s best friend, Super Rare Games works closely with the developers to ensure that every element of each release is an homage to the game printed on the cartridge. The Akupara Collection physical release comes with the 3 games on 1 physical cartridge, a full-colour manual, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards.


With a community of millions of fans from around the world, prepare for adventure and level it up in more ways than one! Follow your heroes: Jimmy, Pinkyy, Ace, Panzer, Biu, Raff, and Red as they explore, looking for relics while trying to get the Ducans off their Asteroid. Run, Gun, and Dodge your way through numerous space ducks and evil space turtles. It’s fast, it’s tactical, and it feels deliciously smooth to play. Unlock new weapons, characters and use relics to overcome waves of enemies to ultimately defeat Duke, The Ducan Commander!


Young Elena Elkhorn embarks on a harrowing journey to find her missing father and discover the secrets of the Willows Mansion. Aiding her journey is a unique amulet, she received from her father, which allows her to astral project her spirit into a ghostly-realm and communicate with the dead. Play as Elena to find her missing father, use your astral projection to solves the mansion’s tricks and puzzles, help the lingering souls and discover so much more in Whispering Willows.


Open your own Card shop by the seaside! Buy, trade, and sell Cards, OR keep them for your own collection! Earn a reputation with customers, beat your shop goals, unlock new decorations, and host exciting events to bring everyone to the best Card shop in town!

You are Harry Hsu, a young man who recently inherited his father’s seaside card shop. Left with just a bit of cash and a tiny inventory, it’s up to you to restore the shop’s reputation as the center for the most popular trading card game in the world: “Warlock.” With the shop’s reputation on the line, you start working behind the counter, juggling the locals’ requests while trying to familiarize yourself with the peculiar market of selling Warlock cards.


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