Action RPG "Mononoke no Kuni" coming to Switch in 2024

An action RPG with an Animal Crossing-style camera

22 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Studio Lights, a dev team that worked on Final Fantasy XVI and Forspoken, has announced that the “isekai action RPG” Mononoke no Kuni is coming to Switch sometime in Spring 2024. You can see a quick bit of gameplay footage for the title above.

Go on an adventure with your adorable puppy Musashi in a roguelite 3D open-world inhabited by beastmen and gods in Mononoke no Kuni. Fish, work the farm, and cross islands by boat to go around various lands.

In order to return to your original world from the land of Mononoke, a land covered in filth, you must help Mononoke, strategize in dungeons, and defeat monsters to restore the Omiwa Shrine. This game is recommended for players who like cozy village development, unique art, story analysis, and Japanese-style fantasy.

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