BallisticNG, the high speed, all thrills anti-gravity combat racer developed as a tribute to old school classics such as Wipeout, Rollcage and Jet Moto, is no longer coming to Switch. If you’re wondering why the Switch outing has been scrapped, you can point to the recent turmoil surrounding Unity.

BallisticNG developer Neognosis has shared a new dev blog on Steam that reveals, among other things, that the title is no longer making its way to Switch. Neognosis has stated that the recent confusion and chaos caused by Unity’s surprise-reveal of changes to their platform, along with the quick about-face, leaves them with little confidence in the development engine and team going forward.

You can read a large chunk of Neognosis dev blog below, which goes into further detail on why BallisticNG is no longer planned for Switch.

By the time we’ll have a Switch version of BallisticNG ready, the threshold for Unity versions will exceed the new versions that Unity are pushing their TOS changes with, and we currently have no confidence that they won’t try pulling another move or pushing back to their original plans under / beyond this new TOS.

Despite Unity’s efforts to recover after their PR disaster, there just isn’t any trust and security for us to continue moving forward with newer versions of their tools in the foreseeable future.

It comes with much frustration and disappointment that we’re announcing the cancellation of the Switch version. Several years of development has gone into preparing BallisticNG technically for the port while maintaining the usual output of updates for the PC version, so this comes as a big kick in the balls to both us and everybody else who was excited for this version of the game. We’re sorry that it has turned out this way, and we’ll be looking at working with the console (or the rumoured Switch 2) in a future project not bound by Unity.


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