A new SaGa game was announced in the latest Nintendo Direct. SaGa Emerald Beyond, the newest entry in the fantasy RPG series from Square Enix, will be released sometime in 2024. Ahead of that launch, the game’s director has shared a special message with fans. The message touches on the many things the SaGa franchise envelops, and also drives home the importance of taking risks with the series. You can read the director’s message in full below.

A multilayered RPG full of rich stories awaits in SaGa Emerald Beyond! Experience the distinct and dramatic stories of six heroes with vastly different backgrounds, including a young man who fights with sentient puppets, a witch masking her identity, a crime-fighting duo, a songstress mech who lost her voice and body and a recently awakened king of darkness.

Select a hero, then follow their journey through 17 interconnected worlds as they forge their own unique branching stories that unfold based on your choices and actions. Think strategically to master the turn-based combat to delay enemy actions and unleash devastating United Attacks. How the story unfolds is in your hands. SaGa Emerald Beyond launches on Nintendo Switch next year.

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