The footage and trailers for Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story so far have made the game look like a story-focused adventure, and that’s indeed something the game offers. The thing is, that’s not all there is to do when you jump into this journey.

In an interview with Dtoid, Riot Forge Creative Director Rowan Parker opens up on the many gameplay mechanics and experiences you can look forward to in Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story. While story is at the center of it all, there’s still plenty of other elements that should keep things moving at a considerable clip.

I don’t want to spoil the story or other stuff that’s not in the trailer, so I won’t go too deep into it. But there are a lot of different types of gameplay in the game. Song of Nunu is a story-driven adventure game, but it would be boring to just walk for the whole game. There are a lot of puzzles in the game, both logic and cognitive puzzles. And, they do get quite challenging as you get later into the game. You will have to layer up a lot of the mechanics you’ve learned and really analyze some of the deeper puzzles.

There are light combat sections as well, as you can expect from Nunu and Willump. But it’s more of a light palette cleanse and tempo change. Tequila Works does a great job of keeping the pace of the game fresh so you don’t feel like you’re doing the same thing throughout. I’m not quite sure I’d call any of them mini-games, but there are sections like the one you mentioned with Braum shield-surfing.

[Riot Forge Creative Director Rowan Parker]

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story is a single-player story adventure developed by Tequila Works. Dive headfirst into an immersive narrative set in the undiscovered reaches of the Freljord, where every snowy step brings you closer to the truth about Nunu and Willump’s past.

Play as Nunu, a young boy searching for his mother with the help of his best friend, Willump. United by their endless imagination and shared love of snowball fights, the two will have to work together to navigate the Freljord, saving it—and each other—from the danger that lies within.


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