iam8bit is proud to announce that it’s bringing A Little to the Left’s playful soundtrack to homes everywhere – regardless of how tidy or cluttered those listening spaces may be. iam8bit’s A Little to the Left Vinyl Soundtrack, created in close collaboration with two-person indie studio Max Inferno and publisher Secret Mode, impishly leans into what made it a cozy puzzling classic. It’s available for pre-orders starting September 28 on for $31.99.

The A Little to the Left Vinyl Soundtrack features 8 tracks from composer and artist Justin Karas stamped on “Tidy Taupe”-colored vinyl. It’s tucked into cleverly designed packaging with illustrations from Paul G. Hammond that pay tribute to the game’s satisfying conceit: The jacket’s reversible sides slide into the die-cut cover, showing objects neatly arranged or haphazardly shuffled depending on how the listener is feeling at the moment.

A Little to the Left captivated players with its playful blend of soothing organization and clever puzzle mechanics. Sometimes success is as simple as straightening a few lopsided picture frames or organizing a chaotic junk drawer. Other puzzles are gentle head-scratchers, encouraging experimentation and offering multiple solutions. It’s a game that sticks around in your brain even when you’re not playing, like a cozy variant of the Tetris effect. iam8bit’s vinyl soundtrack invites listeners to stay in that headspace a little longer, finding inspiration in unexpected ways.

Track list:

Side A

  1. Theme
  2. Home Sweet Home
  3. Lost Recipe
  4. Nitty Gritty

Side B

  1. Inner Nature
  2. Near Earth Organizer
  3. Radial Dance Party
  4. Credits

The A Little to the Left Vinyl Soundtrack is available for pre-order on starting September 28 at 9 a.m. PDT. It’s expected to ship in Q4 2023.


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