We have covered Rick and Morty on GoNintendo a considerable amount of times over the years, and that’s due to a number of Nintendo references and jokes. Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, who’s no longer associated with the show, happens to be a big Nintendo fan and clearly showed that through various gags and more throughout Rick and Morty’s history.

While Roiland isn’t involved with Rick and Morty anymore, he was very much a part of the show for the writing of Season 7. Earlier this week we got our first trailer for Season 7, and some Rick and Morty fans think the duo will be visiting an area that, at the very least, pays homage to The Legend of Zelda.


The image above might not look very Legend of Zelda-esque at first, but closer inspection might point to some ties to the series. The most notable reference is at the top of the picture, where we see an eye that very closely resembles the Sheikah eye symbol from the Zelda series. Along with that, the scene is flooded with blue lighting and smoke, and any Breath of the Wild fan will know that color and imagery is a huge part of the game. You can get a closer look at all of this in the trailer at the top of the post (15-second mark).

Polygon reached out to Adult Swim for comment on this possible connection, and a rep responded by saying, “We can’t confirm anything, but they’re free to speculate and readers can tune in to find out!” Take that as you will, but we’ll all find out when Rick and Morty’s 7th season kicks off Oct. 15th, 2023.

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