The next wave of details for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been shared by the official Japanese Xenoblade account. This time around, we get more details on Attackers, Healers, and Defenders, as well as info on an indicator called the ‘target line.’ Check out the finer points below, along with some gameplay clips.

  • Attackers can do a lot of damage by attacking from the side or behind the enemy
  • if you are targeted by an enemy, move to your defender for protection
  • if you are targeted by an enemy, a line called the “target line” will appear
  • a red line is an indicator that Attackers and Healers poor in defense have been targeted
  • a blue line indicates that a Defender with good defense skills has been targeted
  • a Healer can recover HP, support allies’ attacks/defenses, and launch stunned allies
  • a Defender is good at guarding and dodging, attracting the attention of the enemy, and taking on the brunt of an attack to protect other party members

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2M ago

So basically pretty much as before (which is a good thing).