Super Dungeon Designer aims for Switch release via Kickstarter

Think you can do better than Nintendo?

28 September 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Squish Studios have announced Super Dungeon Designer, and they’re hoping to bring it to Switch by securing funding on Kickstarter.

In Super Dungeon Designer, build your own Action-Adventure dungeons and share them with others! Create multiple rooms in various sizes as you create your dungeon just the way you want it. Our user friendly drag and drop UI makes creating dungeons fun and easy! Upload your levels and play levels from other designers! Inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Maker.

Creating dungeons is easy! Players can add new rooms with a single click. To resize a room simply drag from the corners. Add doors to create room transitions with just a few clicks. Players can decorate their dungeons and add objects to make a unique layout and create intricate puzzles.

Use the linking system to create puzzles and challenges! Link objects and enemies together to create logic that defines how puzzles are solved. For example: link an enemy to a closed door, now that door will open when that enemy is defeated!

To learn more about Super Dungeon Designer or help fund the Kickstarter, click here. You can also see a developer interview in the video below.

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