Before the Night, a 2D horror action game from publisher CFK and indie developer Uneducated Game Studio, is available now for Nintendo Switch. A free demo is also available for download via the eShop. Check out the official launch trailer above and details below.

In this world where animals own humans, the pet human Lisa has to revive her rabbit owner and uncover the secrets of this seemingly fairytale animal world! “I swear to repay all the kindness you showed me.”

Visit a world where the roles of humans and animals have been reversed. Lisa, a pet human, misses her deceased owner, a rabbit called Alice, dearly.

Lisa sets out on an adventure into the animal world to find the Flowers of Life, the keys to bringing someone back from the dead.

The larger Lisa’s desire to bring back Alice, the more gruesome the incidents that occur in the animal world……

< Find the Flowers of Life > The Flowers of Life are the keys to resurrecting Alice. Explore the cute animal world in search of the places where the Flowers of Life bloom. However, those who pick the flowers must pay a terrible price.

< Choose your items carefully > Use the items you find during your adventure to solve puzzles and pacify the threats of the animal world. There are all sorts of ways Lisa can acquire items, but her methods can’t always be peaceful.

< A twisted fairytale world > In this world where animals live in harmony, mutants appear from nowhere to roam the streets. Is there a reason why the appearance of the residents shifts from day to night?

< Until the night passes and the sun rises anew > Meat-starved mutants chase you to the bitter end. Run away, hold your breath while you hide in the bushes, or use your weapons to fight back. In this grotesquely twisted village, you must find a way to survive.


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