Ghost Song has been updated to Ver. 1.2.12. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

Confront what dwells in Toler-Under-Foot

Should you find yourself in a small new region called Toler-Under-Foot, Deadsuit will encounter a new kind of enemy type—along with an imposing, challenging new boss named Xorogon. This hulking warrior shares a history with another being you may have encountered during your travels. And if you best Xorogon in combat (no small feat!), you’ll arm yourself with a new axe (with a bit of a twist).


A new path has opened in the Sapstone region, where a headstrong bounty hunter named Leaf waits for his next contender. If you stay cool and don’t let his attitude get under your suit, you just might earn a fun new rapid-fire toy for your arsenal.

Lua’s tale

If you’ve played Ghost Song before, you might have come across a wandering adventurer named Lua during your travels. This update gives her a reworked and more fleshed-out story, along with some of the the closure she deserves. Keep an eye out for her as you’re out exploring.

Bug fixes

Balance adjustments, including changes to the game’s less challenging Explorer difficulty mode to reduce the amount of damage Deadsuit takes; this should make the journey a bit more accessible for people who want to focus more on enjoying Ghost Song’s atmosphere and story.


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