Potion Permit has been updated to Ver. 1.3. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • New romanceable characters (Helene and Victor)
  • New arcade mini-games
  • New side quests and events
  • Updated patients’ body parts terminology for better UX purposes
  • Rework delete files user interface to prevent player accidentally deleting save file

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed restricted element display information while brewing certain potions
  • Fixed carry over save for Leano’s friendship quest
  • Fixed multiple new recipe notification unlocked after loading game
  • Fixed control issue navigating between recipes when displaying restricted elements
  • Fixed bushes collider between Myer and Dev/Dan’s house
  • Fixed missing cooking recipes: Ginseng Soup and Omelet
  • Fixed carry over save for Ginseng Soup and Omelet cooking recipes
  • Excluded several events that previously related to progression bar within save data
  • Fixed overlapping text from other NPCs within Martha’s friendship event
  • Adjusted some body part diagnose point locations
  • Fixed carry over save for Mariele’s friendship quest
  • Fixed ginseng soup UX that mistakenly unlock recipe state
  • Fixed character assets glitch
  • Fixed player end position within Landslide Quest
  • Fixed cooking recipe display when is not yet unlocked
  • Fixed minor mouse bug on dog finding NPC
  • Fixed dog Find NPC located on the second floor
  • Fixed dog cannot find NPC
  • Fixed button display problem while shop pop-up displayed
  • Fixed legend didn’t show up within photo album user interfaces
  • Fixed tutorial journal showing the wrong button
  • Fixed overlapping tilemap in the Glaze Iceberg
  • Fixed skipped dog’s digging interaction during finding NPC
  • Fixed quest tracking position within world map
  • Adjusted text box characters limit in world map
  • Adjusted UX within quest notification specifically after an event
  • Expanded size button confirmation within pop-up UI
  • Fixed Helene character missing sprite
  • Fixed beach umbrella clipping issue
  • Expanded HUD text box character limit
  • Adjusted inventory text box character
  • Adjusted NPC image within quest complete pop-up
  • Fixed graphic glitch near Primerose Sail
  • Fixed point of light graphic glitch within world map
  • Fixed ellipsis within German languages
  • Fixed several missing and misplacement tutorial
  • Fixed reset state quest hint within cauldron
  • Adjusted furniture edit mode user interfaces for better UX
  • Fixed character stuck after NPC interaction
  • Fixed fast travel point name within World Map
  • Fixed overlapping text buttons during diagnosis
  • Fixed carry over save for exploited desert quest
  • Fixed arrow cursor display within bulletin board
  • Fixed pie position within Mercy’s friendship event
  • Fixed overlapping NPC image within diagnose complete
  • Adjusted font size within note display to prevent exceeding text within certain languages
  • Fixed dialog box clipping issues within certain area
  • Adjusted text character limit within mini-game
  • Adjusted text character limit within news board whenever there’s no active quest
  • Expanded camera confiner size within Town Hall 1F
  • Adjusted table collider within Town Hall 1F
  • Adjusted symptom layout to prevent exceeding text within certain language
  • Adjusted text title issue within obstacle user interface
  • Fixed control input detection issues while the state of the game is inactive
  • Adjusted several pop-up layering problems when interacting with objects
  • Adjusted text for key binding notification
  • Fixed arcade machine object pixel unit
  • Fixed cursor issues after the research mini-game has been completed
  • Fixed cutscene loading screen that sometimes causing image flickering
  • Fixed Dog NPC search interrupted while digging

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