Last week brought us the absolute shocker of Hideki Kamiya parting ways with PlatinumGames. Both Kamiya and Platinum shared statements on the departure, although neither shared specifics on why Kamiya decided to leave the studio. A week later, fans are left with more questions than answers.

Some of those fan questions pertain to Project G.G., the final entry in the superhero trilogy that was the brainchild of Kamiya. One such fan took to X to ask Kamiya what the fate of Project G.G. was, to which Kamiya responded by saying, “Ask Platinum.” As usual, Kamiya kept his X response short and not sweet, and it’s now clear he won’t be talking about Platinum projects in any capacity going forward.

As for Platinum, they’re remaining as quiet as ever on all things Kamiya. Outside of acknowledging Kamiya’s departure via X, the company has had nothing to share about any projects he was involved with. VGC reached out to Platinum to try and get more info, to which they responded by saying they, “cannot disclose any further information regarding Kamiya’s departure other than what we announced on X.”


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