Suda51 reveals Grasshopper's most successful titles

The strawberries on the shortcake

02 October 2023
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Grasshopper Manufacture came onto the scene back in 1998, which means they’ve got 25 years in the game industry under their belt. The company is well known among diehard gamers for releasing extremely unique and interesting software, all thanks to their desire to march to the beat of their own drum.

If anyone would be that drummer at Grasshopper, it would be Suda51. The developer has become the de facto mascot of Grasshopper, working one some of its biggest franchises. Suda51 has said for years that Grasshopper pushes ahead with a punk rock spirit in the game industry, and after 2+ decades, it’s clear that approach has worked out well for the studio.

The question is, just which of their releases over the years has found the most success with gamers? In a new interview with Games Industry, Suda51 names the top two franchises Grasshopper has under their belt.

“Even if we develop a game that sells a million copies – which we’ve achieved in the past – we only receive [a tiny] percentage of the profits from that. The two series in which we currently make the most money are No More Heroes and The Silver Case. These titles continue to sell to some degree, so they’ve provided a slow but steady stream of income over the years.”


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