Super Mario Bros. Wonder is less than 3 weeks away! Mario fans the world over will soon be able to dive into Mario’s latest, greatest 2D adventure, and it looks to be one of his most amazing yet. That said, this outing is still very much rooted in the 2D goodness Mario pioneered decades ago.

Sure, something like Wonder would have been impossible from a visual standpoint in the 8-bit days, but the gameplay could definitely translate! That’s exactly how Mario superfan LUIZ felt, which is what inspired him to take a stab at what Super Mario Bros. Wonder might be like if it were on the NES.

Instead of building a demake, LUIZ put his animation skills to use by coming up with a fake NES commercial. This spot imagines a time when Super Mario Bros. Wonder were seeing release on the NES, and the quick gameplay snippets he put together look fantastic. Marry that with the 80s-style advertising approach Nintendo used and you have a recipe for a pitch-perfect tribute.

This kind of stuff makes me wish Nintendo would tackle a demake of their own some day. We hope you’re listening, Nintendo!

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