Sea of Stars is clearly captivating gamers the world over, as the game managed to surpass sales expectations within its first week of release. Developer Sabotage Studio is quickly making a name for themselves as a developer who not only loves the retro gaming days, but is eager to build upon them as well. That approach is evident in pretty much every area of Sea of Stars.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just look or sound the part when it comes to making a retro-influenced game. A developer has to go beyond and provide something new while also recapturing the magic of a bygone era. In an interview with Eurogamer, Sea of Stars director Thierry Boulanger explains how his team strives to achieve that.

“We don’t make it a super strict mandate that it has to be something that could technically have worked in the past. But rather, it has to feel like what we remember of those games. There’s not a clear set of rules - if we’re not feeling it, we re-work things here and there. We really make sure it doesn’t feel like a game from this year, but rather it takes you back while you’re playing.”

[Sea of Stars director Thierry Boulanger]

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