IO Interactive, the independent video game developer and publisher behind, among others, the internationally acclaimed HITMAN franchise, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. A dedicated website will take fans on a trip down memory lane back to the creation of the studio on September 16th, 1998, offering unique insights to IO Interactive’s culture and how its heritage is shaping its future.

There is a lot to celebrate, both from the past and the present. IO Interactive and their teams are continually unleashing their creativity into every game they take on. Their next steps involve the addition of new content in Hitman: World of Assassination as well as a look back at one of the most popular games of the HITMAN franchise, Hitman: Blood Money.

A series of events to celebrate in Hitman: World of Assassination

Players are invited to join the celebrations and enjoy a long list of in-game events. Two Elusive Target Missions, Bad Boy and The Food Critic, will return to the game, available between October 13th and 23rd and October 20th and 30th respectively.

Hitman: World of Assassination will also offer new challenges and cool suits to its players throughout the month of October. Notably, The Mills Reverie Halloween Event will be back on October 26th. Starting on the same day, the Codename 47 challenge will allow fans to unlock a retro skin and suit for Agent 47. On October 27th, livestream fans will be able to unlock an exclusive Purple Streak Suit as a Twitch drop while watching their favorite content creators.

Hitman: Blood Money Reprisal available on Android, iOS and Switch later this year

Hitman: Blood Money, the game that tied Agent 47’s origin story to his confrontations with the Franchise, a rival organization to his handlers at the International Contract Agency, has already been remastered and ported on many platforms throughout the years since its release in 2006. Hitman: Blood Money Reprisal, a new version of the game developed and published by Feral Interactive, in partnership with IO Interactive, will soon be launching on Android, iOS devices and on Nintendo Switch.

IO Interactive wants to offer a gaming experience for all players, new and old. Those already familiar with Hitman: Blood Money will get a chance to relive the game on the go, whilst new players to the IP can experience the famous high stakes infiltration gameplay first-hand. Hitman: Blood Money Reprisal will be releasing this Autumn on iOS and Android devices, with the Switch release following this winter.

The latest Elusive Target Mission is about to drop

Players of Hitman: World of Assassination will get to enjoy the next Elusive Target Mission: The Drop on October 27th. They will be tasked with eliminating an international DJ-turned-drug lord, modelled on the appearance of world-renowned DJ Dimitri Vegas.

For a limited time, players will get to take part in the unique do-or-die contract. It will be up to them to find the numerous ways to get Agent 47 to infiltrate a Berlin club and eliminate the threat posed by the double-faced musician.

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