Everdream Valley has been updated to Version 1.5 on Nintendo Switch. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Take charge of your save files with a new option that lets you delete them when needed. It’s all about putting you in control of your Everdream Valley journey.
  • Custom Map Markers: Navigate with flair using six different marker colors.
  • Geese are now gentler with a bite stun duration cut in half. Fear the bite no more with this shorter geese bite stun.
  • After a goose bite, the hurt state is now temporary, lasting for 2 minutes. Swiftly recover from a nip and continue your farming quests.
  • Unveiling three additional chest colors with separate storage. Organize like never before!
  • Become a Chef! Unlock instant cooking after flawlessly preparing each recipe 10 times. Your expertise in the kitchen will lead to newfound culinary efficiency.
  • Strengthen your connections with your beloved cat and dog. Their friendship and training levels now decrease at a rate five times slower.
  • After completing a few quests strawberries, pumpkins, and potatoes will be available at the Merchant’s store, enhancing your farming palette with fresh produce.
  • Delight in a refined cat mini-game with longer intervals between hoops and a more responsive feline friend.
  • Animals are more considerate now, with an 80% reduction in poop. Enjoy a cleaner and more enjoyable farming experience.
  • Watch in awe as goats display newfound agility, jumping on objects like hay cubes and tables. Your farm will come alive with their antics.
  • Adult pigs now passively generate truffles, matching cows’ milk-giving generosity. Your farm’s treasure trove is about to get tastier.
  • Additionally to the automatically generated truffles, you will now earn them while riding the adult pig!

Controls and options:

  • Tailor your gameplay to your preferences with rebindable gamepad controls, ensuring Everdream Valley suits your playstyle.
  • Stay immersed in the serenity of the valley with the new calm horse camera option.
  • Play in perfect lighting conditions with the newly added screen brightness option. Let the valley’s charm shine as it should.

Bug Fixes:

  • We’ve taken steps to address corrupted save files, alleviating the issue for many players. Your progress should now be more secure.
  • We’ve fine-tuned quests involving ducks and sheep, ensuring smooth progression and preventing early completion.
  • Mirrors reflect reality better now, with grass becoming visible. Your mirror will showcase your farm’s beauty accurately.
  • Minor fixes.

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