What’s that splashing around in the dark? Oh! It’s a penguin, one of the three new mobs that wants to join Minecraft! The penguin is a social mob, and you’ll find it waddling around the stony shores biome. A little clumsy on land, the penguin is a strong swimmer when it’s in the water. It’s helpful too, because this amphibious mob can help your boat travel faster! 

You’ll find the penguin in the stony shores biome, waddling around the beach, or swimming in the nearby ocean. Just like its real-world counterpart, the penguin is a social mob, and it’s amphibious! That means it’s happy both on land and in the water, though it can be a little clumsy when walking. The penguin is a speedy swimmer though, and it has a very special skill – it can help your boat travel faster! Perhaps that would help Tiny Jens, Tiny Vu, and Tiny Agnes reach Minecraft Live in time?

Vote for your favorite mob from October 13 at 5 pm UTC via the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition event server, the Minecraft Launcher, or on Minecraft.net! Voting is open for just over 48 hours, and closes 15 minutes after the show starts. The winner of the mob vote will be announced at Minecraft Live, so grab your snacks and get ready to tune into the show on October 15, from 5 pm UTC!

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