Another micropatch has been released for Omega Strikers and you can get the details on what it does in the video above. If you’d rather just read the details, you can find the complete breakdown below.

All them big ole’ Strikers (and other size things) are getting a size nerf, bringing ‘em down in line with the rest of the crew. There’s a couple other small things in here as well, and we’re hoping to get a thiccer patch out sometime this month!


Strike Size Nerfs

Strike size has proven to be an extremely potent stat for all of our, well, thicc strikers. These beefy ones have continuously beat out the competition - despite having on average longer cooldowns on their abilities. Normal-sized characters are unchanged but we’re shrinking the power of the big ones.


Asher is part of the size nerfs, but we don’t want to nerf Asher too much on the whole. We will look to buff her in a future patch to make up for these changes.


Strike :: 270 → 265

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