Nintendo has shared some more details on some of the new faces you’ll see in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. There’s no doubt you’ve seen them in the various trailers and gameplay footage, and it’s about time we learn about what the people of Poplin have to offer!

Poplin is the name of the people who inhabit the Flower Kingdom and their head blooms when they’re happy! These happy characters operate Poplin Shops that can be found throughout the Flower Kingdom.

What might you find up for grabs at a Poplin Shop? Stop in and you can snag all sorts of goodies, including the occasional Wonder Seed! Wonder Seeds are needed to open up select areas of the game, so it’s always good to snag one of these for use later.

There’s one big difference with Poplin Shops, and it comes from the currency they accept. Your gold coins won’t be any good here, as Poplin only want Flower Coins, which are the purple coins you’ve seen scattered about stages. Collect them all and cash in for some helpful items.


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