With the series finale for Pokémon: The Series now available on Netflix, Ash and Pikachu’s journey has officially come to an end. As we wait to see the official debut of what’s next for Pokémon on the animated side of things, Pokémon Co. has released a touching recap of all that the dynamic duo has gone through.

This particular video was mentioned by Sarah Natochenny, the voice of Ash, on X as well. Not surprisingly, Natochenny found a lot to enjoy in the video, calling it a “beautiful tribute to Ash Ketchum from Pokémon.” Natochenny went on to say that it was an “honor to voice him for 17 years.”

It’s crazy to think that Pokémon: The Series is now over and done with, as it was a staple on TV for 25+ years. Like we said, the good news is that a brand-new adventure is on the way with a fresh cast and more. After watching this touching tribute, that new series can’t come soon enough!

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