While Detective Pikachu was a game for the 3DS most people probably recognize the titular character from the live action film of the same name that released in 2019. Ever since that film’s release and the subsequent announcement of Detective Pikachu Returns for Switch many have wondered how the movie would affect the game’s sequel.

To provide further context would require spoiling both the 2019 movie and a small joke from very early in Detective Pikachu Returns (roughly 30 minutes in), if you don’t want to be spoiled on either of these things turn away now.

For those not in the know, the main mystery of Detective Pikachu is Tim’s missing father and Pikachu’s missing trainer Harry Goodman. While the initial film ended on a cliffhanger, never revealing the illusive detective’s whereabouts, the 2019 movie did offer a concrete explanation for his disappearance.

In the film, it is revealed that Mewtwo placed Harry’s consciousness inside his Pikachu partner to save his life after a car crash. At the end of the movie, Mewtwo separates the two again and Harry is alive and Pikachu no longer speaks.

Given that Mewtwo played a role in the 3DS game as well many fans wondered how Detective Pikachu Returns would react to the movie potentially spoiling the game’s sequel. While we won’t give details on the full plot of the game we will highlight a joke very early on that seems to acknowledge the situation.

So, it appears after the events of the first game, Tim and Pikachu have become famous enough to get an in universe movie adaption of the story from the first game. When Tim’s sister questions why she and Tim’s mother were not featured Tim simply responds that movies tend to do their own thing.

Not only is this a fun nod to the events of the film it also seems to suggest that the events that take place in the game may not match up. How truthful is that? We’ll leave that mystery for you to uncover as Detective Pikachu Returns is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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