Developer Handmade Interactive LLC has confirmed that they’re bringing their Dead Space-inspired The Red Selene to Switch sometime in 2024. You can get a first look at the title in the debut trailer above.

Discover the massive horrifying world of The Red Selene; survive through the connected worlds of Colony EC-21 Janus, and travel to the Red Selene itself and back to uncover the story of yourself and the horrors that happened in the colony. Enjoy the technical and artistic achievements of indie classic gaming!

Jump into the new genre of the ultimate sci-fi horror survival and all-out action now with your beloved pixel-art classic games. Find, Search, and grab the top items weapons, and resources through your journey use them in the modern combat system with a traditional and retro vibe, and enjoy killing tons of different enemies in your own way! Immerse yourself in the huge hand-drawn environments with massive details, You’ll never rest easy as the environmental audio design is always there to make you experience a new level of fear!

In the year 2858, Join Aaron a galaxy bounty hunter, on his journey to EC-21 JANUS, a state-of-the-art space colony on a secret mission to research and harvest THE RED SELENE, a moon with robust material and an unknown element, and find the dark horrors and mysteries of this ship.

As in Aaron’s last dog fight with bandits, his ship is heavily damaged while making his space travel through a space portal he’ll end up in an uncoordinated system and finds out the EC-21 JANUS, he’ll embark on the classified space colony to seek help repairing his ship to only find the deep silence in the colony and the dark mysteries behind it. Through the roller coaster of his journey, he’ll find out he can’t relate more to EC-21 JANUS.

Survive through the darkest horrors and fight the most brutal creatures in the galaxy to discover your story of TRUTH, LOVE, AND REVENGE!

Your survival depends on how you fight, whether in the quiet corners of the EC-21 JANUS or in the middle of the waves of the monster running to you, you’ll have to cut the legs, use your axe, and find a new weapon when you are out of bullets to make the survival happen!

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