An update is available for NBA 2K24. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

· Standing Meter Dunks will now properly use the Standing Dunk rating instead of Driving Dunk to determine the green window size

· Dunk meter logic has been updated to make the window size better reflect dunk difficulty

· Fixed an issue in the on-ball steal system that forced the ball to yo-yo back to the previous ball hand midway through a crossover or behind back move

· Improved foot planting to reduce unwanted out of bounds violations when shooting near the sidelines

· When blockers jump early and land on ball handlers or shooters, fouls will now be called 100% of the time

· Better shot coverage detection for OPEN vs. WIDE OPEN

· Slight buff to close shots, wide open jump shots, and Limitless Range badge

· Fixed an exploit that allowed players to double dribble by alley-oop/fake passing to no one in 1v1 games

· Removed pass interceptions on Right Stick UP as it was being abused for easy steals with no risk

· Updated Adrenaline system to account for successfully stopping post moves and no longer consume boosts when driving directly toward the rim

· Fixed a minor aesthetic issue with Klay Thompson’s jump shot

· Addressed a rare issue in which the ball can get stuck on the stanchion

· Changed the Heat Check and Recharge player indicator icons to only display when relevant

· Limited the distance from which rebounds can branch to putbacks

· Fixed an issue that was causing putbacks and mid-air jelly layups to be classified as covered even when no defenders were nearby

· Improved the responsiveness of stopping when setting a screen

· Updated “griefing” logic to differentiate good vs. bad full court shots and also account for players with high grades

· Fixed “Excessive Violations Committed” event from firing off multiple times incorrectly, “Good Defensive Possession” incorrectly firing on free throws, “Lazy Defense” now includes camping out of bounds, and improved “Bad Timeout” logic for Teammate Grade

· Addressed a rare issue preventing players from being able to break out of a certain pass animation

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