Another Crab’s Treasure is a cutesy, colorful take on the Soulslike genre, and it’s heading to Switch sometime in 2024. Ahead of that release, a PC demo has been shared, giving players a chance to learn about the game’s unique assist features.

Another Crab’s Treasure aims to be a more lighthearted take on Soulslikes in presentation, but gameplay-wise, it’s going to tax your skills just like any other entry in the genre would. That said, if things get a bit too frustrating for you, the developers have included a number of assist features an quality of life aspects that’ll make the game a breeze.

The game’s assist mode lets you adjust shell durability, reduce damage taken, lower enemy health, slow down the game speed and so on. While all that is fantastic on its own, there’s one element in particular that greatly reduces the difficulty. At any point during the game you can equip a Gun shell, and it lets you obliterate everything in your path.

It doesn’t matter what enemy you come up against, be it a low-level fodder or a boss. Everything and anything that stands in your way can be one-shotted by your Gun shell, letting you move on further in the adventure without any troubles. Why get stuck and give up on the game when you can quickly solve the problem and continue on?!

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