A new update for DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 is now live and brings new content, including costumes and accessories. It also introduces a completely new mode, Cross Versus, as well as a new Festival of Universes, where players will choose their faction and try to earn as many points as possible to lead them to victory.

Cross Versus is a brand-new mode that pits two teams of three players against each other as they must work together to emerge victorious. In the first phase of the fight, teams are placed in separate arenas, doing their best to acquire as much power as possible. After reaching a certain threshold, the Boss Area will open and players will be able to take on the Boss. To win, players need to either collect the maximum number of mission points or defeat the Boss in their area before the opposing team defeat theirs.

The Festival of Universes is a temporary in-game event during which players can choose their faction and earn points to climb the individual leaderboards as well as making their faction win! Winners can earn rewards depending on their faction and leaderboard ranking. Points can be earned by playing the game normally, with some modes receiving bonuses from time to time.

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