Tales of Symphonia posable plush line revealed

8 different plushes available

12 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

In honor of the franchise’s 20th anniversary, a new line of Tales of Symphonia posable plush are in the works. Depending on the character, pricing for each plush ranges from $25 to $53. Pre-orders are live now, but the plushes won’t ship out until sometime in February 2024.

The complete lineup of plush dolls is as follows:

  • Colette Brunel: 7,260 yen ($48.69)
  • Genis Sage: 7,260 yen ($48.69)
  • Kratos Aurion: 7,260 yen ($48.69)
  • Lloyd Irving: 7,260 yen ($48.69)
  • Mithos Yggdrasill: 7,920 yen ($53.11)
  • Noishe: 3,850 yen ($25.82) -Presea Combatir: 7,260 yen ($48.69)
  • Zelos Wilder: 7,260 yen ($48.69)

Each plush measures roughly 10 inches tall and thanks to the rigid skeleton inside, you can twist and turn these plushes into a variety of poses. If you’d like to get a closer look at each individual plush, you can find a gallery here.

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