The Financial Times has published an editorial that discusses the author’s opinion of the possibility of Japan selling Nintendo. This editorial was prompted by leaked Microsoft documents revealing that Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, considers Microsoft’s acquisition of Nintendo to be a career-defining moment.

The editorial explains that Nintendo owns some of the most valuable intellectual properties in the entertainment industry and argues that any entertainment company should consider Nintendo as a top acquisition candidate.

The potential acquisition of Nintendo by Microsoft, as suggested in the editorial, would indicate an incredible benefit for Japan as a whole.

You can read the full piece here for more details and the full author’s opinion on the matter.


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8M ago

Now that's a spicy take!!


8M ago

Sounds like someone is getting paid by MS.


8M ago

Clueless, as expected.


8M ago

And unless they were left alone to just be Nintendo, then the company would be absolutely ruined.


8M ago

Does Japan "own" Nintendo? Why would a company be purchased from Japan?

And no, they shouldn't sell Nintendo. Any company exerting control over it would change it for the worse.


8M ago

The question is, what’s it worth to Microsoft? Even if Microsoft could buy Nintendo on the cheap - floating around $50 billion currently - and they were on their best-ever performing year every year it’d take more than 15 years for Microsoft to make even on the purchase. The Activision number is about the same, but they’re also going to attract many PlayStation gamers who only have a console to play Call of Duty annually and don’t care about the console, or get sub-properties like Blizzard’s PC exclusive titles on their console.

I don’t think the same can be said of Nintendo. Microsoft has a dollar-worth of what a console owner is worth to them and it’s have to be in the tens of millions of Nintendo games suddenly buying an Xbox to make even quickly.

They’d earn far more just dropping Nintendo a cool billion and sticking gamepass on switch if licensing one of their titles to put on gamepass.


8M ago

Ew. What a disgusting idea.