Just a few days back, we learned that select retailers had decided to break the street date for Sonic Superstars. We’re not sure if these retailers made an honest mistake or simply didn’t care, but the end result is the same. There are people out there playing Sonic Superstars right now, and spoilers are flooding the internet. Just a few days after that broken street date, it appears it’s Mario’s turn.

Multiple reports are coming in stating that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is out there in the wild, as some retailers are selling the game a full week early. Of course, this means that videos, screens, and information on the game has made its way onto social media, so please be careful where you spend your time online.

Nintendo has been proactive about squashing any spoilers out there, at least when it comes to videos and pictures on X. That said, not everything has been scraped offline just yet, but there’s no doubt Nintendo is doing their best to squash it all.

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9M ago

Also seems to be leaked on the internetz, because of course!