Emma, Mia, Lucy and Sophie are the Trotties - four magical dolls who travel the world using their powers to complete missions. So far we have joined them on their adventures through their television series, but… From November 10th you can also find them on the NINTENDO SWITCH with their new videogame!

The Trotties Adventure is perfect for little ones. You can customise your very own Trottie and join Emma, Mia, Lucy and Sophie on this new adventure.

Travel through 10 incredible countries such as Mexico, Egypt, Italy, Greece or Madagascar and complete the 40 missions using the Trotties’ magical powers!

Use the super speed for time trials, the magic pencil to turn your drawings into reality, talk to the animals and fantasy creatures you encounter or use the magic tablet to follow hidden clues. Every mission in The Trotties Adventure is unique!


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