From RedDeer.Games, one of the top developers and publishers on Nintendo Switch, comes the anticipated release of Project Downfall on consoles. Players can visit the city of Crimson Tide and see the new order of the world for themselves this November on Nintendo Switch.

Project Downfall is an action-filled, pixelated shooter set in a cyberpunk world, where the present is drastically different from ours. The players will be thrown into the life of Johnny Wick’s “evil-twin” and smashed with gunfights left and right, where both reflexes and tactical thinking will be of the essence.

With the European Union losing ground, the world is divided. On the horizon, a new power rises above it all, welcoming new countries of Eastern Europe at its table - The Novorussian Federation. In an attempt to prove that both systems can coexist, a megacity comes to life.

That “free” city is Crimson Tide.

As corporations reign, citizens’ minds are manipulated with medications – this is how peace is kept. But not for long.

The players will take the role of a corporate employee, middle-class citizen. Privileged, in the eyes of many, with an urge to give back to the state they hunt at night. Loaded with superpowers, various upgrades and medication, they can transcend human fragility and become Crimson Tide’s hero in its time of need.

But is that what the fight is really about?

The plot of Project Downfall is non-linear and offers as many as 12 different endings based on player choices and other prerequisites. These are completely detached from the occasional events and hidden secrets that will keep players looking for more.

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