Pokémon GO is throwing a huge Halloween party this year, and it’s wherever you and your friends want it to be! What better way to celebrate than with your closest buddies? Get ready for even more spooky shenanigans, where familiar Pokémon will appear wearing costumes and Zorua, the ever-elusive Tricky Fox Pokémon, will return with a surprise—if you’re lucky!

Are you ready for a new way to play Pokémon GO with your friends? With Party Play, Trainers are now able to adventure together in a shared in-game experience, completing challenges along the way!

Party Play allows up to four Trainers that are near one another to join a party and see each other’s avatars on the in-game map. Whether you’re looking to represent your squad, take on Party Challenges, or make memories catching Pokémon, Party Play elevates your experience like never before. You can read more about the Pokemon GO Party Play Halloween 2023 festivities here.

Ever the tricksters, Team GO Rocket members are out in force spreading mischief on every block…and they’re not alone! New Shadow Pokémon have been spotted, including Shadow Regigigas—and beware of Shadow Lugia in five-star Shadow Raids! But don’t be intimidated by Team GO Rocket’s show of force. With Party Play, you can band together with your friends and embrace the Party Power!

Gather your allies and get ready for some Halloween season showdowns! You can read more about the Team GO Rocket Halloween 2023 takeover here.

Last but not least, Niantic has shared an infographic that breaks down everything Pokémon GO will have to offer in the second half of their Halloween 2023 celebrations. You can see the complete rundown of what’s to come below.


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