Nintendo is continuing their video read-along of the ‘It’s Kirby Time’ picture book series with a second installment. There will be seven read-alongs in total, so there’s plenty more content to come!

In episode 2, legend has it that one bite of the mysterious heart fruit will fill your heart with courage. Wishing to try it for himself, Kirby sets out on a journey to do just that. However, he’ll have to face many trials and hardships in his quest to find this legendary fruit. Join Kirby for his travels and see where this adventure takes you!

The narration of the English localization of It’s Kirby Time: Take Courage (Book 3) is published by Shogakukan, with art by HYOGONOSUKE, and writing handled by Asami Taniguchi.

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3M ago

These have been really cute BUT are they releasing the actual books here? They've already translated two of them so just put them in print.