Sea of Stars has been updated to Ver. 1.0.46131. You can find the patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when using Hurl Smash to break locks against a certain final boss
  • Fixed a glitch that could occur when swapping the party leader while standing on a pressure plate
  • Fixed a trigger that could cause Khukharr’s dialog to start when returning from a fast travel
  • Added a check to prevent a conflict when attempting to start flying on the exact same frame as landing in boat form
  • Sea of Nightmare: added a check to prevent initiating combat while a crystal break cutscene is playing
  • Sunken Ruins: moved the stone activation cutscene to trigger after opening the chest rather than after beating the boss, to fix rare occurrences of it not activating when completed before Elysan’darëlle
  • Adjusted raft collisions in Half-Sunken Tower area
  • Adjusted collisions in Moraine’s office (Zenith Academy)
  • Added a check to properly reset gravity modules in Forbidden Cavern’s room to the right
  • Fixed a rare softlock which could happen when triggering an encounter with a scripted cutscene intro while a follower isn’t done bouncing from a graplou strike
  • Adjusted collisions on Skybase’s pushable blocks
  • Added detection to prevent the player from getting stuck when using the graplou to move up a slope
  • Fleshmancer’s Lair: added a check to super prevent the teleporter from being used while camping
  • Adjusted collisions in X’tol’s Landing
  • Adjusted collisions in one of the Molekin houses
  • Sacrosanct Spires: added a check to prevent triggering the sealed entrance’s cutscene while camping
  • Adjusted collisions in Antsudlo’s entrance
  • Adjusted collisions in Clockwork Castle’s clock tower section to prevent an issue when players could get stuck
  • Fixed null ref that would occur when attempting to browse when the level up screen only shows one option
  • Adjusted a puzzle in Derelict Factory to remove the player’s ability to lock themselves in and remain stuck
  • Fixed possible softlock in Solstice Shrine #4’s puzzle
  • Added a check to disable interaction with the world map’s docks while transitioning to camping to prevent softlocks caused by conflicting transitions
  • Fleshmancer’s Lair: fixed softlock that could occur with the eyeballs puzzle due to physics
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when collision with an enemy while zipping through a propulsion gate (Antsudlo, Air Skyland)
  • Trek to center: adjusted triggers to prevent a rare occurrence of bad zoning when jumping down
  • Updated level loading code to include more null ref checks
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when an enemy would play its attack animation while in hurt state
  • Added a check to prevent duplication of Malkomud and Rockie’s sprites when they both get KO’d at the same time
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when reentering the Golden Pelican after being teleported out
  • Infinite Abyss: fixed a softlock in Dweller of Dread’s encounter that demanded a very specific setup and sequence of party composition, KO states, and boss attacks
  • Added a check to prevent softlock when an encounter is triggered while the player is zoning or teleporting
  • Flooded Graveyard: fixed a crash that could occur when using the graplou specifically on the climb wall in the chapel from the second floor
  • Fixed an issue where the paincone projectile could get pooled before reaching its target when running the game at very high fps
  • Updated combat management to prevent targets that have left the encounter from checking against damage zones (i.e. fixing a softlock when defeating Romaya with conflagrate while she’s on the bone pillar, who will now instead be properly immune to damage in this situation)
  • Fixed softlocks that could occur in certain areas depending on party composition
  • Fixed an inventory glitch regarding Antsudlo’s pearls
  • Fixed an reported issue where Garl would be remain deactivated when swapping party members before reconvening in the Humble Boast’s Kitchen
  • Fixed an issue where Antsuldo could be entered too early, causing an improper state on the big door
  • Added a check to update save files ensuring they are compatible with latest fixes
  • Retro actively added Cerulean Expanse story artifact to those who missed it prior to the fix
  • Reimported text in all languages to include all pending updates

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8M ago

I'm unclear, is there text/grammar updates included with this update? Or maybe they're being planned? "Reimported text in all languages to include all pending updates"

It'd be nice to hear that the one major thing reviewers had with this title was being addressed! I want to put this on my "to play" list.