LEGO and SEGA teamed up recently for a big wave of Sonic the Hedgehog merch, including minifigs, playsets and more. Not surprisingly, even more content is on the way soon, and today brings us a look at some more minifigs on the way.

Shared in a quick promo video on X, LEGO showcased the first official look at their upcoming Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge minifigs. The only thing we know for a fact is that this trio of minifigs will see release sometime in 2024, but exact timing is yet to be shared.

There’s already a litany of LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog merch, and just like the Mario side of things, you could go broke purchasing it all. If you’d like to see the complete lineup that’s available as of today, have a look at the LEGO store here.

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