Let’s start off being extremely clear about this. There is no official announcement from Square Enix about a localization of Dragon Quest X Offline. What we do have is a new sliver of hope that one is coming, and it’s based on speculation at this point.

Dragon Quest X first came onto the scene all the way back in 2012 for the Wii. The game made its way to Wii U, 3DS and Switch over the years, but never outside of Japan. While many gave up hope of a localization for Dragon Quest X years ago, a new trailer from Square Enix Asia might be worth getting excited about.

Square Enix Asia has shared a new trailer for Dragon Quest X Offline, and it shows a release set for Spring 2024. These trailers mention PS4, PS5 and Steam versions, but Nintendo usually steps in to handle publishing of Dragon Quest games, so there’s no need for concern there. While this trailer doesn’t mention localization of any kind, Asian-specific release trailers have been a very good indicator in the past that an English localization is in the works.

Hopefully all this speculation leads to an official announcement, as it would be wonderful to have a crack at this game 10+ years after it initially launched. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and let you know if a confirmation comes around.

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9M ago

I really don't understand why they won't localize this. I know Square is trying the whole 'multiplatform' thing, but did they do something stupid and sign away exclusivity for it a long time ago or something?


9M ago


Let's go back to the MMO version of X. See in the US Square has Final Fantasy XI and XIV running, but it was crickets at the possibility of DQ X coming to the US. Since DQ X is a MMO, Square probably didn't have the resources to run three MMOs at once in America and didn't want anything cutting into their Final Fantasy MMO profits.

DQ in America had a history of not having the sales like Final Fantasy, so up until XI, it had been NoA localizing the Dragon Quest remakes on DS plus DQ IX. DQ XI would end up the first time in a long while that Square itself handled a DQ localization in the US, but it looks like Square wasn't happy at the Switch performance and took DQ XI multiplatform using the Switch version as a base.

Since then DQ X Offline got announced, DQ XII was announced, and a remake of DQIII was announced (in HD-2D). Square is apparently handling everything in Japan, but it's unknown if they will do so in the US. X Offline might be the US's only shot at getting a version of X since NoA can't localize MMOs, but XII will depend if Nintendo can get their next system or more powerful Switch iteration out. NoA could be asked to pick up the DQ III remake if Square isn't doing it themselves.

If NoA is still involved with the DQ localization process for new entries and remakes, they won't allow Square to announce anything. Nintendo will announce things at an appropriate Nintendo Direct. We just have to hope things will work out.

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