This November, Niantic is welcoming red, white, yellow, and blue chrysanthemums into Pikmin Bloom! Additionally, during this month, Pikmin with chrysanthemums blooming on their head will be stronger against mushrooms. Be sure to feed them some chrysanthemum nectar before your next battle!

Throughout November, Big Flowers may occasionally bloom into pansies, camellias, cyclamens, poinsettias, gentians, and chrysanthemums when you plant regular red, yellow, white, or blue petals around them.

During November, fruit obtained from tackling mushrooms will give either regular, pansy, camellia, cyclamen, poinsettia, gentian, or chrysanthemum nectar.

In November, Community Day will be held on the following dates: November 18th and 19th. Details to follow soon.

On November 1st (0:00 UTC), the price of the following item will change.

  • Weekly Challenge Ticket: 100 coins → 200 coins

There’s a chance that the shop may continue to display the old price even after the change has been implemented. If this is the case, please close and reopen the shop screen to refresh it.

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