We’ve already seen details about the physical release of Star Ocean: The Second Story R tonight, along with the game’s launch trailer ahead of it’s Nov. 2nd, 2023 release. Now we have another slew of details to share as well.

This time around, we have notes on a multitude of characters you’ll come across during the adventure, including Assault Actions, New Game+ and more. You can check out a gallery of screens and art here, and the breakdown of the latest info below. (h/t Gematsu)

■ Characters

Bowman Jeane (voiced by Ryo Horikawa / Keiji Fujiwara)

An expert pharmacist and advice giver from Linga. A man from Linga who runs a pharmacy with his wife Ninay. He supports his friends with his vast knowledge, using his martial arts, Qigong, and medical concoctions in combat.

Leon D.S. Gehste (voiced by Yuki Kaida / Yumiko Kobayashi)

A young genius researching symbology weapons. A young prodigy who works on symbology weapons with his parents in the kingdom of Lacuer. A gifted symbologist, he casts darkness, water, and void magic to support his party from the rear.

Opera Vectra (voiced by Yuko Nagashima / Atsuko Tanaka)

A visitor from space looking for her lover. Heiress from the noble, illustrious Vectra family, hailing from the manmade planet Tetragenesis. The Tetrageniots are skilled in all types of machine tech, and Opera is no exception, wielding a symbology-powered gun called the Kaleidoscope.

Ernest Raviede (voiced by Hiroki Touchi)

An archaeologist in love with the ancient world. A renowned archaeologist and space-faring adventurer from the manmade planet Tetragenesis. As an adventurer, he’s well used to monster hunts and other rough business, and with his whip, he’s a proven fighter from mid-range.

Noel Chandler (voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi / Daichu Mizushima)

A zoologist seeking to coexist with animals. A zoologist from Energy Nede who maintains an Endangered Species Protection Zone. Also a first-class symbologist capable of weaving together powerful spells.

Chisato Madison (voiced by Rumi Kasahara / Fuyuka Ono)

An enthusiastic news reporter who follows Claude’s party around. A rookie reporter working for a newspaper in Energy Nede’s Centropolis. She follows Claude’s party around undercover, hoping to report on them and the Ten Wise Men that have reappeared in Nede. She’s mastered Jingu martial arts for self-defense.

Welch Vineyard (voiced by Tomoe Hanba)

A mysterious genius inventor. A shady inventor Claude’s party encounters in Expel. Her background and purpose in Expel are unknown, but she seems to have a thing for love affairs, both her own or those of others. BLIGUST ONLY* She uses the baton in her hand to perform unexpected attacks in battle.


■ Ten Wise Men

A group of criminals plotting the destruction of the galaxy. They are actually ten living weapons created by Nedian symbol science. Surrounded by a special barrier, they are impervious to all normal attacks. Their own attacks are powered by skills based on each of their individual characteristics, boasting force that far outclasses any foes Claude and his allies have faced. They were sealed away by the Nedians, but after a certain incident, they’re once again moving to bring the galaxy to its knees.

Gabriel (voiced by Rikiya Koyama)

The Doomsday Weapon. The most powerful Wise Man, and the last one created. However, he is also unstable and cannot tap into his full combat potential, perhaps due to having Lantis and Philia’s thought routines implanted within him.

Lucifer (voiced by Shinichiro Miki)

The Observer. The Wise Man tasked with watching over the others. He is meant to oversee and manage over the Wise Men so they don’t abandon their defensive mission and stage a rebellion. As a result, he is better at fighting and intelligence-gathering than the others, possessing great overall force.

Michael (voiced by Hiroki Touchi)

The Tactical Weapon. A tactical weapon, created by combining Metatron, Jophiel, and Zaphkiel. His Spicule weapon boasts incredible, overwhelming firepower.

Haniel (voiced by Taiten Kusunoki)

The Public Controller. Created by combining Raphael, Camael, and Zadkiel. Tasked with using intelligence to prevent uprisings among the populace.

Metatron (voiced by Kenji Hamada)

The Base Defense Weapon. A special weapon designed for base defense. His knight-like body is covered in solid armor, granting protection that makes him suited for defensive duty.

Zaphkiel (voiced by Yasuhiro Mamiya)

The Close-Range Weapon. A melee fighter in the form of a gigantic warrior. Geared for martial- arts combat, he also easily wields a sword the size of his own body.

Jophiel (voiced by Riki Kitazawa)

The Long-Range Weapon. A weapon designed for long-range battles. He creates high-powered energy bolts in his body, firing them off at will. Highly mobile and capable in martial combat as well.

Zadkiel (voiced by Kiymoi Yazawa)

The Data Gatherer. A data-gathering type that uses his innocent, boyish looks to blend in with the general public.

Camael (voiced by Taketora)

The Data Gatherer. A data-gathering type that uses mind-control techniques in his duties. A powerful symbologist gifted in support roles.

Raphael (voiced by Haruo Sato)

The Data Analyst. A data-analysis type that examines intelligence gathered by other units in order to formulate strategies. Can use the hyperspace zone in his body to attack.

■ Extra Feature: Assault Actions

Cameos from across the series?! Defeat past heroes to obtain their powers!

With the new “Assault Action” feature, protagonists from previous entries in the Star Ocean series come to your aid! Acquiring special in-game items called “Jewels” grants you the ability to summon each character. There are a number of different ways to acquire Jewels. Search high and low to see if you can find them.

■ New Feature: New Game+

Now even easier to play, so you can reach all the different endings! In Star Ocean: The Second Story R, you can select New Game+ from the title screen if you have a save file from after defeating the final boss. This allows you to start a new game whilst carrying over items and some other aspects from your first playthrough. You can use a save file with either Claude or Rena as the protagonist and chose either protagonist for the New Game+ playthrough.

  • Items and Character Stats That Carry Over
  • Player level, SP/BP, and skill level.
  • Acquisition and upgrade status of skills.
  • Weapons, armor, and accessories.
  • FOL, key items, and all other items.
  • Friendship level of each character.
  • Completion rate of all encyclopedias, etc.
  • Aspects That Will Not Carry Over (That Will Be Reset)
  • Unlock status of Fast Travel points.
  • Psynard acquisition status.
  • Private Action progress.
  • Treasure chest acquisition status.
  • Key items related to the story and some other items.
  • Status of pickpocket usage.
  • Which Arts and Spells are equipped, etc.

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