Saltsea Chronicles has just launched on Switch this month, and it begins with a kidnapped captain and a stolen ship. Where it leads next? That’s up to you…

In this story-driven adventure game you will explore strange and wonderful communities, uncover a deep conspiracy, and chart a journey through twists and turns, difficulties and delights. You’ll also see a world that’s been completely ravaged by the effects of climate change.

You might have read that not only does Saltsea Chronicles tackle climate change head-on, the developers behind the game set out to address the topic in the real world as well. During the development of Saltsea Chronicles, Die Gute Fabrik commissioned a climate impact report for their own studio to see how they contributed to climate change.

Following the game’s launch, the dev team has shared the complete findings of their climate impact report as well. You can see a quick explanation for this whole endeavor, as well as the complete report here.

Since releasing that report, Die Gute Fabri has been out to raise awareness for other devs in the hopes of shifting how studios work. In an interview with GamesIndustry, Die Gute Fabrik CEO, Hannah Nicklin opens up on her desire for the game industry to hold itself more accountable when it comes to their impact on climate.

“The climate crisis is an existential threat not just for games, but for our lives. Inaction is impossible if we want to survive. For me, there is no ‘decide’ when the option to not act results in a dead planet. I wish I had the power to do more.

I wanted to show studios of our scale that this kind of data is likely data they already have. There’s a bunch of work that’s already been done on tracking climate emissions for different activities, when it comes to a company setting.

I feel like as a field and community of game makers, we could do a lot more to open up about our impact and be publicly accountable for it. It would help us also root out what we can change and what we need people with more power in the field to act on.”

[Die Gute Fabrik CEO, Hannah Nicklin]

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