Pokémon Co. releasing “Fluffy Hugging” plush series

Don't you just want to squeeze'em?!

27 October 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

I’m going to be completely frank here. It’s nigh impossible to keep track of all the plush products the Pokémon Co. releases. There have been so many over the last 27+ years, and that’s for good reason. People love picking up plush dolls of their favorite Pokémon, which is exactly what Pokémon Co. keeps releasing them!

The next series of Pokémon plushes on the way is called the “Fluffy Hugging” line, and it focuses on some Paldea region favorites. Fans can look forward to picking up Tandemaus, Mabosstiff, Houndstone, and Clodsire plushes starting Nov. 4th, 2023 at Pokémon Center locations.

These Fluffy Hugging plush Pokémon should also make their way to Amazon Japan at some point, making them much easier to import. As for price, each release in this series will cost you roughly $33.

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