Developer Polyscape Inc. has announced that they’ll be bringing MISTROGUE: Mist and the Living Dungeons to the Switch sometime this Winter. The game has just moved out of early access on PC today, so hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy this one on Switch before the year ends.

MISTROGUE is a real-time 3D rogue-like action game originally created as an homage to the “Mystery Dungeon” series. A new map is generated each time the protagonist steps into the dungeon, and players must fight through monster hordes using their chosen skill builds and use “Maze Stones” to pave their path.

Knowing how to build your skill sets and when to use items becomes even more important than your technique in action to beat the game. Utilize the “Skill Book” to find out which skill builds work the best for you.

Every time the dungeon is entered a new map is generated, and the protagonist Mist’s level is reset to Lv.1. Farming rare items and equipment is always a new experience, and since the floors are generated randomly, it’s entirely possible a monster house will suddenly make an appearance the moment you step in!

Weapons, shields and bracelets have skill slots that allow skills to be installed into them. With some help from your “Skill Book”, you can find over 80 combinations that can work in your favor. Finding which skills have the best synergy for you to fight difficult enemies is part of the fun.

There are several tactics you can use. For example, counterattacking immediately after removing yourself from your enemies AOE. When in a pinch, use skills that deal area damage or skill scrolls that inflict negative status effects to your enemies. You can also buff yourself by using items.

“Maze Stones” can create or remove footholds in the dungeon. It’s a unique system in the game that can help you make your way to treasure boxes in tricky areas, or even save you from difficult monster hordes.

“Story mode” follows Mist’s journey in the main storyline, while the “Endless Hyperspace” is a challenging dungeon that has to be beat with no equipment or items found in your inventory. The hardest dungeon is “The Battle Road”, which is sure to put your Skill Sets to the test. Lastly, “Memory Treasure” is for the collector at heart, but it also adds more to the main storyline.


Mist (Protagonist)

The player’s alter ego, Mist is a young man who braves the Living Dungeons alone. He’s from Lootgar, where treasure hunters gather. Mist may seem aloof at first glance, but he’s got a burning determination within him to find his father that went missing when he was a child. After hearing about the Feril Ruins, he’s eager to uncover the secrets that lie within its dungeons. Lupo is his childhood friend.

Lupo (Supporting character)

A merchant from “Lootgar”. Having no fighting skills under her belt, Lupo runs her business by buying items from Mist and other explorers or treasure hunters willing to draw a contract with her. Her family has been in the business for generations, and it show in her money-minded ways. She wears a hood with rabbit ears, which is a symbol of prosperity, and you can catch a glimpse of her long hair from the hem of her clothes. (It’s not a tail.)

Other characters include Rex, who always has a tip on how to fight better, and Latte, who is your trusted warehouse manager. You also get to meet Lukia in the Endless Hyperspace. Whoever you meet, they are sure to add color to your adventures.

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