Piers, Roxie, and Ryuki rock Pasio with a public jam session, their music amping up the gathered fans. But that passion turns into a small argument when Oleana, Volkner, and Flint debate which of the three singers is the best. To quiet the squabbling, the power trio decide to host a Special Concert Battle, a musical showdown to determine which of them is number one. Find out how it all plays out in Pokémon Masters EX’s newest story event, Who’s the Best Singer?

Roxie shreds riffs on Pasio as she dons an alternative rock outfit designed to match the electrifying energy of her newest partner Pokémon, Amped Form Toxtricity. Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity are a Poison-type tech sync pair that can create both a Poison Zone and Electric Terrain to get the most out of their buddy move, Frenzied Sludge Wave. This Poison-type buddy move is 50 percent more powerful when the terrain is Electric Terrain and lowers the target’s Sp. Def by two stat ranks, but it can only be used when an opponent is affected by a status condition.

Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity not only benefit from having a Poison Zone or Electric Terrain in play—they can create both themselves. Their passive skill Amped and Vibed turns the field of play into a Poison Zone the first time Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity use a max move in battle and extends the duration of any Poison Zone created while they are on the field. Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity can also make sparks fly with Electric Terrain, which powers up Electric-type moves, including their own Overdrive and G-Max Stun Shock.

For more details on this sync pair’s passive skills and moves, check out Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity’s in-game sync pair scout screen. Sygna Suit Roxie & Toxtricity are available to scout until November 19, 2023, at 9:59 p.m. PST.

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