Pastagames and Devolver Digital are proud to announce KarmaPass, a good-hearted (and, more importantly, completely free) twist on the hated battle pass concept coming to KarmaZoo ($9.99).

KarmaZoo is a joyful, altruistic co-op platformer where up to 10 random players, or a group of friends, can work together to conquer challenges and earn the most valuable resource of all: Karma. Your hard-earned Karma can then be used to unlock 50 weird, wonderful playable avatars, each with their own quirky personality and unique ability.

As players across all platforms—whether they’re playing on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X S or Switch—gather Karma, they will contribute to the KarmaPass. Then, when the collective playerbase has pooled enough Karma, new avatars will gradually be added to the game’s pixelated menagerie.

This is a way to spread a little kindness, and the best kind of good deed: a low-effort one. All you have to do is play KarmaZoo to fill the KarmaPass. That’s it.

KarmaZoo and KarmaPass will be released into the wild on Nov. 14.

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