90’s kids know just how fearsome the battle was between Mario and Sonic fans. There were battles on the playground every single week about which character was better, and in turn, which company as well. While it seemed like those days have long since died down, SEGA wants to stoke those fanboy flames once more.

SEGA has shared an internal interview with Osamu Ohashi, Division Manager at SEGA. A number of topics are discussed, including one about the path forward for Sonic in the future. According to Ohashi, the main goal for all things Sonic is to create content that surpasses Mario in terms of quality and reach.

Simply put, I want to surpass Mario. Sonic is a game that was originally developed to compete with Mario, and it still hasn’t achieved that goal. Our goal is to catch up and surpass Mario because we respect Mario.

I want people to play it all over the world, including Japan, like Mario, and I want the movie to be a bigger hit than Mario. I would like USJ to create a ``Sonic Area’’ as well. That’s our goal for those of us who love Sonic.

[Osamu Ohashi, Division Manager]

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9M ago

I welcome them to try. Sonic and Mario both trying to outdo each other has always led to the two reaching for ever-greater heights.


9M ago

"[...]because we respect Mario"

Hopefully people keep this point in mind, and not the 90's console war mentality where the kids who play the other games deserve to be bullied and hit with a dead squirrel or whatever.

the schaef

9M ago

Well, in terms of mainline games, you have 17 and Mario just released 18 so you're right there on the precipice.

But I don't know if you want to be bragging about putting Sonic 06 or Black Knight up against Galaxy or NSMB Wii.


9M ago

This might be possible in the future but Sonic might still have to grow up a little bit. I feel it is easier to identify with the characters in Mario games. Also Mario games are a lot more diverse, interactive and solid I guess. His universe has grown much more lively I think. Of course this is just an opinion.

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9M ago

Hahaha never gonna happen.