Jackbox Games has announced their iconic Party Pack series can now be purchased in the UK directly from the Jackbox Games Official Shop ( A celebratory 25% discount is available until midnight (00:00 GMT 7th November) on the Jackbox Party Starter, which contains three of their most beloved games in one handy pack.

Through the Jackbox Games Official Shop, digital copies of Party Packs, standalone games and bundles can be purchased on PC (Steam), alongside iconic products and merch such as t-shirts, mugs, gift cards and more. All are available directly through the shop to customers based in the United States, Canada, the European Union and now the United Kingdom.

Jackbox Games is famous for their unique ability to bring friends and family together in a whirlwind of laughter and creativity, with over 250 million games started in just the past two years.

What sets these games apart is their accessibility; all you need is a smartphone or tablet to participate. With a huge range of games - from rhythm to drawing, trivia to wordplay - every player can find something they enjoy. These games also include a filter that will allow players to remove any U.S.-centric content from the trivia questions.

Jackbox’s latest release, Party Pack 10, launched 19th October to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary with 5 brand new party games in 1 hilarious pack. Available on PC and all major consoles.


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