Publisher Klabater and developer Warsaw Film School have announced that Best Month Ever, a bittersweet narrative point and click adventure, is coming to Switch on May 5th, 2022. While the game is normally priced at $20, there’s a 10% pre-order discount, making the game $18.

In Best Month Ever!, you only have one month to live and must raise your son before you pass away. The choices you make matter as you swap between playing a mother in the 1960s named Louise, and her son, Mitch, in the 1970s. When playing as Mitch, you’ll get to see how Louise’s decisions impacted her son’s life.

To keep track of Mitch’s growth as a person, each choice you make adds positive or negative points to three key statistics: Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations. These influence which type of ending Mitch will reach, and there are 9 unique endings in total.

Best Month Ever! takes up 2.4 GB, and supports English, German, Russian, and Simplified Chinese languages.

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