Nintendo has shared an updated look at their mission statement and goals for the company moving forward. Without a doubt, Nintendo makes it very clear that gaming is and will remain their core focus, and they plan to expand their reach through a number of different opportunities. All of this is aimed at bringing in more consumers to Nintendo’s franchises available on their gaming hardware.

You can see Nintendo’s updated mission statement below.

As an entertainment company that creates smiles, Nintendo continually strives to provide their unique and original brand of play that anyone and everyone can intuitively enjoy. They aim to put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches through their unique products and services. Nintendo employees at every level around the globe, not only the management, are completely dedicated to this mission.

By developing and integrating hardware and software as one, Nintendo can surprise people with Nintendo’s unique brand of play. Under this development philosophy, Nintendo constantly aim to create unique products and services that everyone can enjoy, that feel incredibly intuitive and fun to play; regardless of age, gender, or gaming experience.

The core of Nintendo’s business is the integrated hardware-software dedicated video game platform, which they currently deliver through products and services such as Nintendo Switch. In addition, Nintendo’s characters have been nurtured and grown hand in hand with the memories made by generations of consumers as they play Nintendo’s games.

Nintendo says that the time and energy that fans invest in playing their games, and the memories they make playing with their loved ones are what breathe life into their characters and make the Nintendo brand special. This is an invaluable asset to Nintendo

Nintendo’s basic strategy is to expand the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP in order to continuously invigorate their core integrated hardware-software dedicated video game platform business. They are utilizing their characters to continue expansion into a broad range of areas, including mobile devices, visual content, theme parks and merchandise. Nintendo aims to continually create points of contact with consumers, broaden their fan base, and deepen their fondness for Nintendo IP.

Through this IP expansion, Nintendo are working to encourage consumers to develop an interest in their dedicated video game platform business. As part of these initiatives, Nintendo also want to establish positive, longterm relationships with each of their consumers through Nintendo Accounts.

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7M ago

Hardware and software integration, Mr. Spencer. Read that and give up your plans of buying all your competition.