As part of Nintendo’s latest fiscal results briefing, the company shared a look at how they’ve been expanding the reach of the Pikmin franchise. Nintendo offered up some insight into the many ways Nintendo has been looking to expand just how far the franchise can go. You can see a round-up of stats below.

  • the PIKMIN Short Movies have been viewed over 440 million times around the world
  • Pikmin Bloom allows consumers to enjoy spending time with Pikmin as part of their everyday lives
  • Pikmin Easter eggs in SUPER NINTENDO WORLD and in The Super Mario Bros. Movie also increased awareness
  • Nintendo continues to foster interest in Pikmin through a variety of avenues, including collaborations with partner companies, playing short quiz shows on in-train video screens in Japan, and creating a portal on the official Nintendo website to deepen understanding of the Pikmin characters and world
  • Nintendo recently created a line of “Pikmin in everyday life” merch
  • Pikmin 4 sold through 2.5 million units worldwide by the end of October
  • this figure has surpassed the lifetime cumulative sell-through of other Pikmin titles
  • Pikmin 4 quickly became the best-selling title in the series
  • initial sales of Pikmin 4 exceeded those for past titles in all regions as well
  • sales in Japan were particularly robust

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7M ago

So there you go: Straight from the horse's mouth!

Pikmin 5 is definitely coming sometime in the future!