Sclash nearing final approval for Switch release

Inching ever closer to release

08 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Switch version of Sclash is on the way soon. After weeks of work with the development team on enhancements and fine-tuning the online mode, the game will finally release on Switch in the near future. Full availability is expected very soon as the game is currently under final approval from first parties and a firm release date will be promptly disclosed after that.

Slash your way to victory! Sclash is an easy to pick-up but hard to master 2D samurai fighting game full of tension, where one hit is enough to kill.

Play as hand-drawn samurais in beautiful painted settings and fight your opponent in epic and solemn duels where each move matters. Manage your stamina, breath and take your time to land a deadly hit.

Choose between 5 characters and battle offline and online in 16 beautiful stages to unlock 50+ skins for your samurais!

Learn more about the fight between Aki and Natsu clans, and discover a story inspired by Japanese culture in the Story Mode.

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